Healthy Body Care Skill Share: The Co Immunity Campaign

UP-UPDATE: We raised $1554.74, short of our $8200 goal, but still able to fully sponsor 39 workshops (with the help of post-campaign supporters!). Since most participants will contribute some amount, and we will continue to sell through silent auctions and by-donation items in the store, I believe we'll be able to offer 50 participants subsidies this year. This not only means better health for the people with the lowest incomes among us, it means sparing the planet hundreds of single-use containers and putting hundreds of dollars back into the pockets of people and their local communities. THANK YOU, Carrie Klassen, Angela Bischoff, Lorraine Barnaby Jocelyn Kearns, Edan Thomas and to co campaigners Elizabeth Redmond, Alison Ai Tamara Pope, and Terrie Bobbikins.

Our Chuffed Campaign has concluded for 2018, raising funds for 39 Intro Body Care Workshops! We are delighted to accept ongoing donations to our Co Immunity Fund here . Every cent that we collect fully or partially subsidizes - based on the participant's need - a DIY healthy body care workshop.

Your donation is non-taxable and you will receive a receipt from our website.

From our hearts:
The Co Immunity Campaign is inspired by the Tree of Life, sandalwood, that begins as a seed, nurtured by the trees and ecosystem around it. Once grown, sandalwood protects its plant community from invasion and disease - tolerating drought and depleted soils - to produce the most intelligent and exquisite Medicines and essential oil. Learning from that community of trees, the Co Immunity Campaign nurtures the vulnerable among us, who will soon pay it forward. We will empower and educate all interested community members to take control of what goes in and on their bodies, regardless of financial circumstances. We will educate people about the devastating planetary and personal health impacts of toxins in every day body care products. As well, we will teach participants how to create effective, natural, ethical and affordable body care. Join us as an Agent of Change by making a contribution!

What we do everyday matters!
The Canadian Medical Association recognizes that the products we use daily, and the environment that we live, study and work in, impacts our health; that the solutions to our current healthcare problems involve integrated approaches initiated in all aspects of society. Anarres Natural Health Apothecary is a not-for-profit storefront, learning co-operative, and online mail-order resource for natural and ethical body care. Health for us is full-spectrum. Caring for our urban ecosystem encompasses trading & farming practices, working conditions, producing & packaging, transportation, and social collateral.

TO DONATE, PLEASE GO TO OUR CO IMMUNITY FUND PAGE Your donation is non-taxable and you will receive a receipt from our website.

Who has healthy options?
Toronto's poverty rates are higher than the provincial and national average. Food bank usage has gone up 19% since 2016, the average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment is more than full-time minimum wage earnings, and more than half of GTA workers are precariously employed in temporary, contract or part-time jobs. The World Health Organization reminds us that the people in the lowest economic groups are exposed to the greatest personal and environmental health risks, and have the highest risk of illness and disability. The Co-Immunity Campaign is a chance to educate and re-skill our communities towards better personal and planetary health.

Daily exposure to toxins found in an ordinary dollar- and drug-store body care products can lead to devastating health outcomes including fibroids, cancers, metabolic and immune diseases, multiple chemical sensitivities, allergies, skin disease, early puberty, infertility, menstrual & menopausal issues, respiratory illness and developmental delays. Some of us can choose to avoid toxins by buying healthier body care - but many can only afford to use products that make them, their families and the planet sick and sicker.

Here’s what we’re doing about it in 2018
We have an exciting body care, skillshare program that has a collective, long-term impact on the health of our communities and the land we live on by empowering people with the lowest incomes to take control of their bodies and what goes on and in them.

TO DONATE, PLEASE GO TO OUR CO IMMUNITY FUND PAGE Your donation is non-taxable and you will receive a receipt from our website.

All participants, whether sponsored by the Co-Immunity Fund or not, will learn together:

About toxins in body care products and how to avoid them
How to make body care products - that are affordable, easy and satisfying to make, packaged in reusable, refillable non-toxic containers - that are good for us and good for the earth
Hands-on, professional techniques to make your products safe and longer lasting

100% of the contributions to the Co Immunity Fund go toward training participants in 2018 who could not otherwise afford to participate in our unique, informative and practical workshops. Funded with your help, the Co Immunity Fund opens up intro workshop spots, spots for people to attend full-day workshops and year-long Aromatherapy Certification Program scholarships if funds permit.

This means that each co immunity participant will make about 1-6 products in-class sparing the planet thousands of single-use containers! The savings from making affordable healthy body care restores thousands of dollars back into the pockets of participants, where much-needed monies can be spent at local grocery stores and within the local economy. And that's before a single participant shares their products with their loved ones or their skills with their community! Put another way, your gift of $50 saves a single participant $54 in the first year alone, taking money out of uncaring corporate hands and putting it back into the community where the people with the lowest incomes among us spend virtually ALL of their income!

TO DONATE, PLEASE GO TO OUR CO IMMUNITY FUND PAGE Your donation is non-taxable and you will receive a receipt from our website.

Participants have the opportunity to Pay It Forward by contributing their savings so that another person can learn, and be supported in teaching others how to make their own body care. We look forward to this learning rippling throughout the community.

Benefits that our Co-Immunity Project participants experience are:
~Increased awareness of health risks of commercial body care
products, how to avoid toxins
~Hands-on learning about ingredients that are natural, healthy
& safe
~Hands-on learning approaches to making their own products,
which in turn, lessens waste and promotes a healthier
planet for all
~Participants live with greater sovereignty over their
bodies, gaining control over what goes on and in their bodies
~Affirmation of traditional medicines and folkways as means to
taking care of our bodies and each other, and respect and
reconnection with nature
~Inclusion in a diverse community of learners, alleviating the
isolating and marginalizing effects of poverty
~Empowerment of participants to share this vital information
throughout their communities, contributing to a collective
increase in our health, and the health of our lands and

Be an Agent of Change!
We invite you to multiply the impact of the good choices you make every day for yourself and the planet. We invite you to become an Agent of Change.

Take Care of Yourself & Your Loved Ones, too!
When you participate in the Co Immunity Fund, you can also receive handcrafted, nourishing and customized Anarres products and experiences for your generous contribution, just in time for the holidays, and a new year! It's up to you whether you want to claim a perk - just ask with your donation on this page: Your donation - minus the cost of your perk -is non-taxable and you will receive a receipt from our website.

$10 Your Name in Lights! You'll receive a small handcrafted organic glycerine soap (pick up in store) OR your name in lights on Facebook! (If you can't come in) — to thank you for your gift. Covers the materials for one participant at an intro workshop.

$35 - Handcrafted Incense or Pumpkin Chutney! You'll receive a pack of 10 handcrafted Anarres original 100% essential oil charcoal incense sticks (pick up or by mail) OR a homemade 250mL jar of Barbecue, Coconut Curry or Mexican Picante Pumpkin Chutney Sauce (pick up in-store only, while supplies last). Covers the labour for one participant at an intro workshop.

$50 - A customized body scrub! You'll receive a customized nourishing, exfoliating and moisturizing body scrub (in-store or by mail*). One participant learns to make one or more waste-free healthy products - and take them home - at an intro workshop.

$100 - Consultation and customized face serum! You'll receive* a 15 min consultation with Tracey and Apprentices in person, by phone or email. We'll make you a 60mL customized face serum beautifully packaged in glass. (pick up in store, or by mail). Two participants learn to make one or more waste-free healthy products - and take them home - at an intro workshop.

$250 - Consultation and Signature Perfume! You'll receive* a 30 min private consultation with Tracey TieF in person, by phone or email to create an exclusive signature scent created just for you. We'll create a custom perfume for you in your choice of classic coloured glass with metal roller bottle. One participant learns to make five or more waste-free healthy products at a daylong workshop and earns a certificate!

$500 - Consultation and custom facial care set! You'll receive a full hour of private consultation with Tracey TieF in person, by phone or email and facial care expert Torren to create an exclusive custom facial care routine. We'll create 4 products* just for you (or a lucky loved one) a cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer, plus a night cream or facial serum. Your full-sized products will come in beautiful, durable refillable, glass bottles and jars. Your donation covers one month of workshops for up to five participants learning to make twelve or more waste-free healthy body care products, including 1 full day certificate workshop.

$1500 - Private Workshop Party for You & Your Friends! When you sponsor an Aromatherapy Certification student, you'll not only change a life, but you will receive a private 2hr workshop of your choice for you and five friends. You'll receive all the customized products you make, plus notes to take home. Choose from any workshop offered by Anarres - or we'll customize a workshop for you to make the product you're dying to learn how to make! You can gift this workshop party to a friend, too, if you live too far away! Your donation covers one year-long Aromatherapy Certification for a deserving participant, who can create a healthier future for themselves and their community by creating waste-free affordable body care products - from toothpaste to fancy creams - professionally.

* Your donation covers Expedited postage within Canada, Expedited US within the United States, and by Air Mail (no tracking) to the rest of the world.

TO DONATE, PLEASE GO TO OUR CO IMMUNITY FUND PAGE Your donation is non-taxable and you will receive a receipt from our website.