Job Posting: Eco Cleaner Wanted!


NOW HIRING! Utterly dependable, detail oriented, thorough self-motivated ECO CLEANER required for Anarres Apothecary Dovercourt NE corner of Bloor. 4 hours per week "NOT UNDER THE TABLE!" $15/hour PAID BI-WEEKLY BY CHEQUE plus benefits such as 50% off all essential oils and 20% off everything else in the store. Participate in workshops for FREE after 3 months. You could even earn your Aromatherapy Certification tuition free! MUST be available Tuesday mornings 8am to noon. Cleaning duties include sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, windows, refrigerator, kitchen, bathroom and appliance cleaning. I will teach you how to make the cleaning supplies and how to maintain our turtle's tank. One flight of stairs, some tight spaces. Looking for a long-term commitment.

As Anarres cleaner, you would be a member of a team of learners, earning the top wage, and with the bonus of access to free workshops, even Aromatherapy Certification! This benefit would start after three months of continuous employment. $14 an hour for the first 3 months, and $15 an hour thereafter. Cleaning is very important to us, but we almost always lack the time to do a good or complete job. We recognize that cleaning is hard physical labour. We are NOT flexible about the timing; you MUST be available consistently Tuesday mornings 8am to noon.

To apply, please answer the following questions in an email to Tracey AT Anarres Health DOT ca

1. Complete an "Order" below (no cost!) to book an on-site interview and orientation.

2. Send with your email a recent photo, website or Facebook link.

3. Email 1 paragraph answers to the following questions:

A} What is your experience with cleaning? What is your experience with using eco-friendly cleaners?

B} Are you available Tuesdays 8am to noon? When could you start? Are you available long-term, ideally for a year or more?

C} Are you interested in learning an Aromatherapy Certification? What is your experience with herbalism? Aromatherapy? Natural/traditional healing?

D} What Gifts would you bring to your work @Anarres?

E} What challenges would you bring?

Once I receive your Order and Application, I will contact you to book you for an interview, tour of Anarres Apothecary and Orientation session (@2 hours).