Nesting: Appreciating Abundance and Finding Fairness


I've been writing this newsletter all month long not knowing what I have to offer in this column. There are so many people I've committed my energy to, so many tasks i've taken on, so many feelings flying off with every snippet of news, and finally falling into my nest bed in exhaustion.

These are now "the days of awe" include Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and the days in between, during which time Jews consider their year, let go of regrets and ask for forgiveness from anyone they have wronged.

All of this in the social quietude of this pandemic, this lucky pandemic without festering sores, inklings of asymptomatic infection punctuated by word of a distant death, blessed with my indoor plumbing, and climate control and ventilation and clothed and fed comforts, but also troubled by uncivillity and reminders of violence at every turn.

I nest.
I snuggle into soft bedding and darkness and the comfort of my Apocalyptic Community dreams.

I awake prepared, or unprepared, yet vertical and consider my limits. Susun Weed named me Miranda Joy when she initiated me as a Green Witch. Will I ever live up to this name, sharing joy "worthy of admiration"? I am still working on the worthy part!
Jess' Tarot Soiree lessons about boundaries echo in my mind. Tonight I am shaken by a shockingly bad review, and I will share it with you because I want to share my response. I am learning. Boundaries. Nesting. Worthiness. I am thankful for more years to learn, and to heal and to become the Miranda Joy who already is.

PART TWO: continued here...

Horrible customer service! The owner has such a tone and so dismissive to customers. My 50 year old mother with stage 4 lung cancer travels almost 45 minutes to visit this shop by TTC, and received the most intolerable service from this woman. Don't waste your time, as she will refuse to answer your questions and belittle you.

I am truly sorry that you did not feel well treated. I too feel mistreated by your review. Allow me to explain why. There was a long line up at the cash I was working at the end of the day, and your mother presented me with two very serious diagnoses and asked me to advise her on which herbs and remedies to take.

Despite the line-up, I asked if your mother has seen an alternative health practitioner for a consultation, and she had not. I felt saddened, and shocked at the public disclosure, awkward because of the involuntary audience, and rushed because of the number of customers waiting to pay for their orders.

I understand that you and your mother hoped I would provide a consultation on the spot, but it is not possible or responsible to receive a consultation concerning serious diagnoses from someone operating a cash counter at a shop, even if it is an apothecary. For instance, no confidentiality was possible, and no time or space available to take basic information or medical history. I responded that I am a Certified Natural Health Practitioner but that I could not provide her with advice for her serious diagnoses. I explained that she needs to consult with a licensed practitioner such as a Naturopathic Doctor, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical or Clinical Herbalist or Wholistic Nutritionist, for example. I then provided a referral, on the spot, with a line up of people waiting to cash out, which you wrote down and asked me to repeat and spell - to a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in cancer treatment, Helena Ovens (416) 690-6168.

I promised you additional referrals if you followed up with me by email. Instead, you followed up with this scathing review. If I were are medical doctor, OHIP would have paid me $32.64 for that referral, but instead, I volunteer full time, give free 30-minute consultations when you book the time with me (and therefore I am not running the cash register), and I take home less than minimum wage. Your other referrals are to Adina Stanescu, TCM at the TCM Internal Clinic 416-968-3308, and to Talal Al-Hammad Clinical Herbalist at the Urban Apothecary 647-461-5883. Please treat them with respect.

I understand that your expectations were high and that you were disappointed. I did my best under the circumstances you put me in, and it would have been unprofessional and irresponsible, if not illegal of me to have begun prescribing this or that herb or remedy without knowing anything about your mother's medical history! Please reconsider this unjust review of my shop. I sincerely hope your mother regains her health.

Sincerely, Tracey TieF, Certified Natural Health Practitioner #1349 and owner-operator of Anarres Apothecary


I do offer consultations when prebooked and within the scope of my practice and expertise. I want to do right by you, not just toss a bunch of products off-hand into your basket.

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