Rotating Canada Post Strike

As you are likely aware, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers [CUPW] has issued notice of its intention to disrupt Canada Post services with rotating strikes starting at 12:01am on Monday, October 22nd. Should this labour action take place, it may affect the flow of shipments within and from Canada.

It is important to note that rotating strikes will only affect a limited area of the country at any time and in 2016, when similar job action took place, eBay did not see a material impact on shipments. While CUPW has issued this notice, both parties continue to negotiate and at this time we do not know if the disruption will, in fact, occur.

If the threatened disruption occurs, we will contact impacted buyers in Canada and the US to inform them of possible delays.

We encourage you to visit to stay up-to-date on the latest developments. We will post additional details here as they become available.