What Should I Pay for the Practical Teenage Green Witch Spring Break Camp?

At Anarres, we are committed to including everyone who wants to participate regardless of how much they can pay.
How do we do this?

* We fundraise to subsidize spots when people can't pay the full fee (cost + labour + space + promotion). Please support the Co Immunity Fund when you can!

* We keep our wages low (minimum wage and work exchange) and offer honoraria instead of facilitator fees.

* We rely on word of mouth rather than focussing on paid advertising and marketing. We spend money on posters, handbills, postering, as words, social media boosting and NOW listings only.

* We offer a sliding scale, events by donation, mini-workshops for free, payment plans and materials + PWYC (Pay What Feels Right) introductory workshops.

Here is a breakdown of the costs for the Practical Teenage Green Witch Spring Break Camp so that you can see the value and decide what you can contribute.

Costs overall:
$105 posters, handbills, boosting, NOW listing and postering labour
$600 facilitator wages (minimum wage)
$100 honorarium for the special guest

Costs per participant:
$10 per day for lunch, snacks and refreshments
$20 per day for take-home craft and take-home body care materials
$16 Journal, Backpack & take-home materials (full week participants)
$19 on the day of the Water walk, picnic & ROM visit