Which Hydrosol Might Suit My Skin?

What is a Hydrosol?
An herbal distillate obtained by steam distillation of therapeutic & aromatic flora. Hydrosols contain essential oil compounds as well as organic acids. Compounds with a higher vaporization point remain behind and will include many of the water soluble plant pigments and flavonoids. Hydrosols are a Holographic Substance containing the complete matrix of the substance from which they were distilled. During the distillation process, the healing properties of its primary constituents are compressed into particles small enough to be absorbed by the body for immediate distribution.

Benefits of hydrosols
Tiny flora particles infused in the water during distillation are small enough to penetrate the skin, and be absorbed by the respiratory system.
Hydrosols are gentler than essential oils, making it safe for direct application to the skin
Hydrosols can have skin nourishing properties, naturally helping to repair, tone, hydrate, and rebalance the pH of the skin.
Hydrosols can be astringent and/or antiseptic.
Hydrosols are soothing for dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
Hydrosols are gentle enough for babies and children.

To learn more, read what The Naked Chemist has to say quoted below about the uses of specific hydrosols. And to learn what to do with these delightful waters, come to Hydrosols: An Intro to Flower Fractals on Friday, January 11, 7-9pm. Sign up here! http://www.anarreshealth.ca/workshop/hydrosols-intro-flower-fractals

Cornflower/Centaurea Cyanus. This makes a great skin toner for delicate, thin skin.

Cypress/Cupressus Sempervirens: This hydrosol works well at helping to control oil production,

It is also great for a congested, oily face with large pores.

Clary Sage/Salvia Sclarea: This is a great tonic for oily acneic skin. Clary sage can also be used in hair formulas, as a treatment for dandruff.

Helichrysum/Helichrysum Italicum: This is a wonderful anti-inflammatory.

Honeysuckle/Lonicera japonica: This is a little-known hydrosol that has a great affinity with the skin. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Honeysuckle is also a great free radical scavenger, so it has some wonderful antioxidant properties.

It is also another hydrosols that work well on acneic skin.

Melissa/Melissa Officinalis: This hydrosol can also be used as a soothing skin toner, helping to calm even the most sensitive skin.

Neroli/Citrus Aurantium: A lovely anti-ageing ingredient, it is gentle enough to use on even the most delicate of skin types.

Roman Chamomile/Chamaemelum Nobile: Another wonderful anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant.

Chamomile is a natural skin toner, helping to calm and instantly diffuse red and sensitized skin.

Rose/Rosa Centifolia: This is a good all rounder and can help to control oil on the skin, which is due to its astringent properties.

Peppermint/Mentha Piperita: This is one of those hydrosols that has great astringent properties, it is very cooling and antiseptic, which is why it makes a great ingredient for foot formulas.

Rosemary/Rosmarinus officinalis: This is perfect for oily skin types with open pores.

Getting to work instantly, with a deep cleansing action.

Rose geranium/Pelargonium Graveeolens: Another good anti-inflammatory on the skin.

Rose/Rosa spp: This is a lovely balancing oil, in my opinion, it is the best skin toner for helping to hydrate dull, tired skin types.

The perfect ingredient for mature skin, due to it’s healing, restorative nature.

Sandalwood/Santalum Album: A lovely nourishing hydrosol for mature skin, helping to preserve the skin cells, perfect for stressed-out skin.

Witch Hazel/Hamamelis Virginiana: This is an astringent hydrosol and considered the best skin toner for oily skin types in large amounts.

It can be used as part of natural acne treatment, and for those that suffer from papules and pustules.

Used in small amounts it is also considered good for sensitive skin.

Ylang Ylang/Cananga odorata var genuine: Another great hydrosol for oily skin types.

Yarrow/Achillea Millefolium: Contains anti-inflammatory calming and balancing properties.

And to learn what to do with these delightful waters, come to Hydrosols: An Intro to Flower Fractals on Friday, January 11, 7-9pm. Sign up here! http://www.anarreshealth.ca/workshop/hydrosols-intro-flower-fractals