I have now dedicated our Co Immunity fundraising to the free workshops we offer several times a year in the community, and am now offering a new deal for short term Work Exchangers. If you can't afford the full fee, you have two options: 1. You can apply to Work Exchange for all or part of the tuition. For a 6 hour workshop, for instance, you would pay $50 per workshop for materials, and work 12 hours in the shop, per workshop.
2. You can propose a payment plan
Apply for our Apprenticeship and Work Exchange Programs. If you want to learn consider our hands-on Aromatherapy Certification at Anarres.
We also accept work-exchange based:
WWOOFer placements
Student Placements
High School Coop Hours

(Relatively) NEW PRODUCTS:
Mug: Stainless Steel Double Walled Carabiner
Cutlery: Stainless Steel Folding Set in Velcro Bag Fork Knife Spoon
Bag: Canvas Essential Oil Bottle Organizer
Massage: Jade Gua Sha Skin Tool
Coffee or Tea Maker: Stainless Steel Vietnamese Drip Filter
Dilator: Silicone, Dr. Berman, Set of 3, Alena
Dilator: Silicone sleeve, Dr. Berman, Set of 4 with vibratable wand
Oil: Olive Extra Virgin, from Zatoun, 750mL
Oil: Olive Extra Virgin Organic, from Zatoun, 500mL
Herb: Za'atar Thyme Herb Mix from Zatoun
Box: Paper Kraft Padded Jewellery or Essential Oil
Box: Paper Kraft Pinstripe Gift

Fall camping?
I have sourced some useful items:
Tick: Removal Kit, Plastic Pocket Set of 2
Tick: Removal Kit, Stainless Steel, 3 Tweezers
Tick: Bite Disinfectant, Portable UV Sanitizer