For The Body: Head to Toe, Skin & Facial Care

For The Body: Head to Toe, Skin & Facial CareEverything for everyone's body! Skin creams and lotions, custom creams, serums... from foot cream to toothpaste to hair care!
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Lotion: Lavender Light Eye LotionLotion: Lavender Light Eye Lotion$20.00
Lotion: Rose Restoration Flaw Free FormulaLotion: Rose Restoration Flaw Free Formula$20.00
Lotion: Shea Intensive Healing IIILotion: Shea Intensive Healing III$15.00
Lotion: Sun BlessedLotion: Sun Blessed$12.00
Lotion: Tamanu Jasmine Eye LotionLotion: Tamanu Jasmine Eye Lotion$20.00
Lubricant: Natural and Mature MoisturizerLubricant: Natural and Mature Moisturizer$10.00
Magnificent Magnesium Body Spray$25.00
Mamalicious Baby LotionMamalicious Baby Lotion$9.00
Mamalicious Baby Wash$9.00
Maple Sugar, ZiinzibaakwadMaple Sugar, Ziinzibaakwad$6.60