For The Body: Head to Toe, Skin & Facial Care

For The Body: Head to Toe, Skin & Facial CareEverything for everyone's body! Skin creams and lotions, custom creams, serums... from foot cream to toothpaste to hair care!
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Refill DiscountsRefill Discounts-$1.00
Clay: Multani Mitti aka Fuller's EarthClay: Multani Mitti aka Fuller's Earth$0.03
Clay: Beige, AustralianClay: Beige, Australian Kaolinite$0.04
Exfoliant: Apricot Kernel Ground ShellsExfoliant: Apricot Kernel Ground Shells$0.04
Clay: Bentonite, whiteClay: Bentonite, white, external use $0.05
Clay: Green French IlliteClay: Green French Illite$0.06
Clay: Pink French Kaolin + IlliteClay: Pink French Kaolin + Illite$0.07
Clay: French RedClay: French Red$0.07
Clay: Yellow, FrenchClay: Yellow, French$0.07
Herb: Rose Petals, Red, PQ, 25gHerb: Rose Petals, Red, PQ$0.07