For the Bodycare Maker: DIY Tools, Ingredients & Packaging

For the Bodycare Maker: DIY Tools, Ingredients & PackagingI am offer ingredients and packaging at wholesale prices. If you need a large amount, contact me and I'll get you a better price or refer you.
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n/aClay: Green Desert$13.56
Clay: Green French IlliteClay: Green French Illite$3.93
n/aClay: Kaoline, White, Superfine$3.62
Clay: Multani Mitti aka Fuller's EarthClay: Multani Mitti aka Fuller's Earth$2.26
Clay: Pink French Kaolin + IlliteClay: Pink French Kaolin + Illite$4.88
Clay: Pink, AustralianClay: Pink, Australian$3.44
Clay: Red Reef AustralianClay: Red Reef Australian$3.20
Clay: RhassoulClay: Rhassoul$1.50
Clay: Talc, asbestos-free Magnesium silicate$1.10
Clay: Yellow, FrenchClay: Yellow, French$4.57