Balm: Blister

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Balm: Blister

This anti-viral, anti-fungal ointment contains ingredients proven to heal herpes and other sores in half the time, and helps psoriasis, eczema and other skin eruptions.

Ingredients: avocado oil Persea americana, * ***Calendula officinalis infused in sunflower seed oil* Helianthus annuus*, Arnica montana* Arnica montana* infused in sunflower seed oil* Heliantus annus*, beeswax Cera alba, evening primrose oil* Oenothera biennis, cocoa butter** Theobroma cacao, vitamin E mixed tocopherols, essential oils of: lavender* Lavandula officinalis, peppermint* Mentha piperita, tea tree* Melaleuca alternifolia, lemon balm* Melissa officinalis and Frankincense Boswellia carterii.
***Local **Fair Trade *Certified Organically Grown

The blister balm is working perfectly on the contact dermatitis (sp?).
Thank you again!
Deb Wiles
Deb Wiles AOCAD
Artist Instructor
Marks of Perception School
Trident Int'l Artists' Retreat
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10g = 15ml metal twist top canister $13


#1 petrathomasg : Top Notch

This and L-lysiene have made my cold sores heal twice as quickly, if they appear at all. I start applying as soon as I feel the tingle, take a vitamin with a litre of water, and more often than not the sore goes away before even breaking the surface. Totally magical and a huge step from wanting to hide myself away for a week every time a cold sore would destroy my lips. The sores are smaller, less painful, and less visible, and don't recur again quickly.

#2 trhea : It's so good it's a problem...

I've been getting cold sores my whole life since I was a baby. Most of my baby pictures are only sorta cute. My mom used blistex, then I got a perscription, then I used Abreva (which was magical once and then stopped working), and then I started using pure lavender oil which I really enjoyed because it was making me really high all day (lips are just under the nose, and all...) but then I tried Tracey's blister balm and that's when I knew there was something to all this essential oil stuff. It reduced redness and soreness, stopped spreading, and decreased the healing time. And... it still works! I used to cry when I got cold sores because they were so uncomfortable and huge and ugly, but now, I get excited to use Tracey's balm and see how quickly it will heal this time! I never thought I could come to tolerate let alone ENJOY a cold sore... it's weird.