Bottle: PET Imperial Round Bottles 2 oz clear with Black Flip Top

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Bottle: PET Imperial Round Bottles 2 oz clear with Black Flip Top
Bottle: PET Imperial Round BottlesBottle: PET Imperial Round Bottle2 oz clear with Black Flip TopBlack Flip Top2 oz clear

$.75 single bottle
$7 for 10 bottles - $.70 each
$12 for 20 bottles - $.60 each
$20 for 80 bottles - ONLY $.25 EACH!

This is a 2 oz clear PET imperial round bottle with 20-410 neck finish. The cosmo round also called bullet round and imperial round is characterized by its tall and slender build with steeply rounded shoulders. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is marked with the resin identification code of 1. PET is of the polyester family and has high clarity, good chemical resistance, high impact resistance, and medium rigidity. PET is also light-weight and is used for products containing essential oils. Avoid using PET containers to store products that contain essential oils greater than 5% or fragrance oils greater than 15%. If your oil percentages exceed these respective levels, please consider using glass. This container is clear, making it an ideal display container for your product.

The cap is a smooth black disc-top lid. This lid is made from polypropylene (PP) which is highly resistant to fatigue. The lid is ideal for dispensing shampoos, lotions, or other cosmetics. This lid is unlined.

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