ChocoSol: Cacao Nibs, Raw, Bulk

Price: $0.05
ChocoSol: Cacao Nibs, Raw, Bulk

Raw Theobroma cacao horizontally traded with farmers in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Sold at $0.0526 per gram. BYOP - Bring Your Own Packaging or buy a baker's biodegradable reclosable bag for $.50-$.60.

Cacoa is a superfood high in:

Cacao is known to:
improve blood flow
relax muscles
raise spirits and energy
suppress appetite

ChocoSol is about…
~ Chocolate that energizes and nourishes the soul.
~ An ancient and spiritual approach to chocolate as a symbolic product.
ChocoSol combines socially just practices and a sense of community.
ChocoSol is good for the mind, body and soul.

ChocoSol specializes in...

Fair Trade

To the Spanish Sol means sun, to the French the earth and is phonetically “soul” in English. All of which are the inspiration behind, ChocoSol chocolate. The energy of the sun roasts the raw cacao bean, nurtures the chocolate’s earth and the final solid chocolate product feeds our souls.

ChocoSol is not your average chocolate supplier, but a learning community and social enterprise. The trade is horizontal between farmers and distributors so that chocolate remains a symbolic product, not a commodity. Michael Sacco was first introduced to the traditional processes of making chocolate when working on his master thesis on solar concentrators in Southern Mexico.