Salt: Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt Fine Grind 250g Bag

Price: $13.50
Salt Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt Fine Grind 250g Bag

1 250g bag. Made in India.

New to smoked salt?

Once you smell it, you're going to want to go nuts with it; remember that it's still salt. Start light and taste. The balance is truly magical. The rich salinity enhances a dishes natural flavours, while the smoke intensifies the savoury essence roused by an open flame.

Shoppers will be looking for something to gift their favourite BBQ chef. This naturally smoked sea salt has no artificial colours or flavours and is oh so versatile. Perfect for meat, poultry, seafood, salads, caesers and more.

For the health conscious, alderwood burns at a cool temperature, making it an ideal smoking wood for those wishing to avoid carcinogens. Additionally, alder wood smoke has been found to contain a higher than average amount of phenolic antioxidants than other wood smoke.


#1 paperandpawsca

I tried this salt with lunch at one of Anarres’s workshops and I was as thrilled that it was as available to buy in store. I sprinkle a wee bit on any meal when I want a flavour sensation and it never fails to delight my taste buds. Makes me feel like I’m eating a gourmet meal every time I use it. It’s now my secret ingredient in my salads and potato salad.