Workshop: Sun & Bug Protection

Price: $200.00
Workshop: Sun Protection
Workshop: Sun & Bug Protection

WHAT: Make Your Own Healthy Sunscreens and Bug Repellants
WHEN: Saturday July 29, 10a to 4pm
Register at the group rate, and request dates in the comments with your order.
WHERE: Anarres Apothecary, 749 Dovercourt Road, M6H2X1
1 block west of the Delaware exit of Ossington subway.
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Vegan/ Hallal / Kosher / Gluten-free LUNCH and COFFEE TEA WATER are included. Please bring your reusable bottle or mug. Please don't bring throw away containers!

In this six hour workshop, you will learn to use great all-natural ingredients to make your very own affordable and effective creations!

Tanning is Good; Burning is Bad
The issues: Regular exposure to the sun lets your skin adapt to defend itself against harmful rays, all the while making vitamin D. So tanning is a healthy response, and those who get regular exposure to the sun lower their skin cancer risk. Burning is absolutely not healthy – it clearly increases your risk of deadly skin cancer. So what to do?…

What's Worse, The Bites or The Bug Spray?
The toxins in your average insect repellant are far worse than the bites in the long run. DEET, permethrin and other common insect repellants are actually insecticides that you put directly on your skin! Added to these "chemical name" ingredients are the usual toxins found in lotions and creams: parabens and so forth, adding cancer risk to the potential for neurological damage. If it can kill a bug, it can harm you. So what to do?…

During this fun-filled day, I will teach you how to make a variety of luxurious sunscreens and bug repellent products that are safe for you and your loved ones.
What’s Included:

• All materials needed throughout the day
• Workshop Notes with recipes
• Assortment of all finely crafted products made that day
• 50% off Essential Oils forever!
(Please pre-order online to pick up at the workshop)
• Lunch & Refreshments

Cost per 6 hour workshop:
$225 plus HST regular rate
$200 per person + HST pre paid DISCOUNT
$175 per person/workshop + HST (select $350) when you register & pre pay for two full day workshops, or sign up with a friend prepaid DISCOUNT

If you have a Workshopper Card with 6 or more hours, select VOUCHER.
$250 for 10 Workshop Hours. Good for 1 year.
$425 for 20 Workshop Hours. Good for 1 year.
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NOTE THAT PRE PAID MEANS THAT I receive PAYMENT at least 7 days before the workshop. PAYMENT THE DAY OF WILL BE CHARGED AT THE REGULAR RATE PLUS HST. If your payment arrives late, you will need to pay the difference.

Prepaid workshops and Workshopper Cards are not refundable, but are transferable to another person or another year on request. Missed workshops will not be credited unless cancelled with 1 week's notice.

Registration is limited, so please register now to save your spot!

This workshop suits everyone from parents to professionals and people who want to teach about healthy skin care.

Repeats every 2 months on the first Saturday until Fri Sep 01 2017 except Sat Aug 05 2017.
2017/07/29 - 10:00am - 4:00pm

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