Heartwood Herbal Gathering

Hands-on workshops, lectures and walks on a wide assortment of plants related topics, from clinical herbalism to basket making, from organic gardening to herb ID. There's really something for everyone who simply loves plants. Come and join us for this popular and well-received Gathering.

For up to date info visit http://www.heartwoodgathering.ca/

This year's Heartwood Gathering takes place July 19 to 21 at the Ganaraska Forest Center. Workshops apply to all the ways humans interact with plants, from beginner to advanced level. The gathering has had a strong herbal medicine focus, but we also have workshops on practical herbal medicine, clinical skills, apothecary skills, plant walks, plant/spirit connection, permaculture, botany, gardening, foraging, cooking, crafts such as basket making or dying, etc.

Anarres' own Tracey TieF will be amongst many teaching and learning:

Tracey TieF

Practical Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit

Plants can gift us with their strengths and experiences through the use of essential oils to help us with emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges. Using the lens of ancient perfumery, we will explore the relationships between plant and human bodies. We will learn to tell the plants story in order to understand its gifts for us mind body and spirit. Each participant will create a perfume to meet their needs.
DIY Bug Spray with essential oils

Learn more here http://www.heartwoodgathering.ca/

2019/07/19 - 10:00am - 2019/07/21 - 12:00pm