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Kia LaFey: Priestess of the Goddess, Practitioner of Shamanic Healing & Energy

As a child, Kia LaFey dreamed of being a doctor or a fairy sorceress. Twenty years of
studying energy healing, shamanism and spiritual traditions of magick have helped her find a way to distil both dreams into their essence! Through Raven Heart Healing Arts and the newly formed Goddess Temple of Toronto and Goddess Rocks Academy, she is honoured to help individuals and groups awaken to magick and the Divine Feminine within. The most profound aspect of this work has been witnessing people step out of the social conditioning of the mundane world into reunion with their wild, magickal souls.

Kia is a regular traveller to Glastonbury and the realm of Avalon, and is collecting frequent flyer miles from her journeys to the spirit realm.
Kia's training over 20+ years includes:
- Psychoanalytic Thought and Women's Studies (University of Toronto)
- Holistic Health Practitioner program (Transformational Arts College)
- Reiki apprenticeship, Reiki Mastery (Pamela MacDonald) 
- Sekhem Level One and Two (Transense Healing Arts)
- Shamanic Healing (Medicine Circle) 
- Women’s Mystery School (Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies)
- Faerie shamanism (Danu Forest)
- Shamanic dream work (Robert Moss)
- Temple of Witchcraft Level 1-3 by Christopher Penczak (self-directed)
- 2 years of training through Glastonbury Goddess Temple to become a dedicated Priestess of the Goddess; currently studying to become a Priestess of Avalon.
Training has included: creating and facilitating ceremonies for healing, transformation and seasonal/lunar celebrations; oracle work, scrying through the elements, Goddess embodiment, shamanic journeying to Avalon

2017/12/03 - 1:30pm - 7:00pm