TALK: Aromatherapy for African Descendants in the West

Caring for sun-burnished skin can be so much more than covering it with makeup.

The brown skin of African diaspora descendants is delicate and precious. Join me in this two-hour discussion and demonstration on Aromatherapy for African descendants in the West.

Learn about personalized handmade skincare that is affordable and available to all peoples of colour.

This talk and demonstration is offered by donation.

Terrie Brookins: Graduating Apprentice

I am Terrie Brookins, ordained minister, licensed wedding officiant, graphic designer and djembe player. After a career in graphic design, I wanted to shift my perspective and explore my need to help others. While coping with depression, I discovered that aromatherapy offered me a great alternative therapy to add to my own healing path. I decided then to learn as much as I can about aromatherapy in all its aspects and how it can help others heal on their own paths. Once my apprenticeship is complete I plan to offer mobile consultations for people of colour in my local community and products to massage and physiotherapists.

2018/10/26 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm