Join the Young Artisans Gift Fair!

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Young Artisan's Gift Fair

A Holiday Gift Fair featuring Artisans aged 6-18.

ARTISANS: You must make your own items for sale. All items must be made by you. You must price your items, and send me a photo of at least one item by December 1. The cost to join the fair as an artisan is the donation of 1 item as a door prize. To apply to participate as an artisan, please fill out the form here.

CAREGIVERS: You must make sure that your child 12 years and under arrives and leaves safely in your care.

SHOPPERS: Admission is by donation. Payments for the fair will be in cash only. To reserve your ticket, make a donation of $5 or more below and specify the 1 hour time of your reservation in the YOUR CHOICE box.

* ALL participants caregivers and shoppers must wear masks over mouth AND nose at all times.
* Spaces will be monitored for capacity at all times.
* In the event we reach capacity, there will be a wait in the sheltered entranceway.
* No proof of vaccination will be requested unless required by law. ALL by-laws and regulations will be strictly observed.
* Questions are welcome prior to registering as a participant or shopper. Contact me at with the subject Young Artisans Gift Fair.