Beth Terry, My Hero, Wrote about Meeting me!

One day, I surfed the 'net looking for more health reasons to ward people off plastic and buy my products in glass and I found an article on the Great Pacific Garbage patch. I knew there was plastic in the oceans, but I had no idea how big the problem was ~ like a million square kilometres big in every ocean gyre. I was flabbergasted! (To get flabbergasted yourself, start here )

I searched again and found Beth's blog - and that saved me that day from despair. Beth was on the job. I joined her blog that moment and have since come to feel everything good about being an activist through her writing: inspired, awed, amused, supported, taught. Beth takes a "little" thing - striving to stop using plastic - and turns it into the Big Thing Itself - Being The Change. Beth writes eloquently about the challenges, learnings and encounters in a way that is about how we live our lives, and how we could. For those who are easily distracted like me, the photos don't hurt either.

It was a great honour to meet Beth when I travelled to the West coast of the US this past summer. She took me shopping new plastic-free (except for the lining in the fair trade coffee bag). We went to lunch. We even had a long phone conversation recently and I don't DO recreational phoning!

Here is what Beth wrote:
I met up with inspiring people like reader Tracey TieF, whose story will knock you out. We talked for hours in person and then on the phone. Posting her story has been on my To-Do list since August. ... There are a ton of stories on my To-Do list I have yet to get to.

If you don't know much about being green or why it's important...
If you know a lot, and need support or inspiration...
Please read Beth Terry's Blog My Plastic Free Life
*the blog formerly known as Fake Plastic Fish