Conscious Parenting: Join the Movement!

from Rob:

I know you are very busy and I will do my best to keep things as short and sweet. Having said that this is probably the most important email that I have ever sent you (at least my opinion).

Indeed we NEED your help, please continue to read below (i don't think you will be disappointed).

I am happy to announce that after three years (when this project first began) the Conscious Parenting project (that we discussed during our first visit together) is now being launched. You can find out more information on our website, our email blast below and an overview of our first course (PDF attached).

I am grateful that in my life I have spent time in the presence of (and worked with) many great people on a variety of wonderful projects that have including publishing books, organizing professional conferences and spiritual gatherings, working at and managing world-class health centers and opening and operating the Inner Garden.

Despite all of this I feel the greatest accomplishment on my life or the most important thing I have done has been my role as a dad (for the last six years) and the Conscious Parenting movement is really just an extension of this. I truly believe caring properly for the youngest members of our society is the way to make the biggest planetary difference. The great thing is many other parents feel the same and have decided to join together to create a local community of resources that are dedicated to helping new parents flourish in their transition to parenthood.

Even cooler than that is you know and love several members of this community already :o). In addition to the people we have listed on our website and eblast below, we have a couple members that we still need to add to the website and are email advertisement (including Amanda Spakowski (Birth Doula and Prenatal Educator) - - who I think you know.

With a limited budget and in order to keep costs down we are promoting the first few courses through close friends and business contacts. We offer an intimate setting and maximum number that we are accepting is 20 people (i.e. 10 couples)

How can you help?

1) Visit our website or call us to discuss this project in greater detail (or even better sit in on one of our classes for free). If after gathering more information this project resonates with you or someone you know proceed to step #2.

2) Share our upcoming course with someone you know. Although mass promotion to your entire email list is fine I would prefer you to take a few moments to select a few people (maybe a dozen or less) that would be very interested and give a call or send them a personal message like the one I just sent you.

3) Provide feedback on the project

I welcome your feedback (including criticism so we can improve) with open arms.

With Love and Gratitude

PS If you are interested in sharing this info please let me know and I will send you an updated eblast that includes the new members of our community.


it takes a village to raise a child...
...and that's just what we're building.

too many parents experience the exhaustion of trying to make
this village-responsibility a solo-gig by raising their children alone.

: The Conscious Parenting Movement :

is about building a collective.
fostering a community of connection:

> to baby > to family > to community

equipping you with the resources and wisdom
to support you on your journey
to becoming confidently-inspired
in your more conscious parenting practices.

...transforming you into informed advocates and comforted caretakers
with the insight & empowerment to raise your conscious-children.

: introducing the ever-growing Conscious Parenting Community :

Heather Watson - Child Development Consultant, Early Literacy Specialist, Doula and Childbirth Educator

Rob Helmer - Children's natural-wellness specialist, Practitioner and teacher of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Kyla Laxton � Registered Massage therapist and educator(specializing in helping pregnant women and new parents)

Kam Toor � Registered Massage therapist, Doula/Birth Coach and Acupuncturist(specialized in women�s health including pregnancy & post-partum care)

Amy Sedgwick- Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner & Workshop facilitator (including eco-friendly products, baby-wearing, baby sign language, pregnancy & postpartum sexuality etc.)

David Jan Jurasek � Child & Family Therapist, Teacher (Mindfulness, Drama and Meditation)

Tracey Tief - Certified Natural Health Practitioner (specializing in educating parents on safe and natural products to use with their baby)

join us to co-create a village.

Our first 5 week Course Begins May 30th @ The Inner Garden