Phyto Estrogens versus Xeno Estrogens: a Q&A about Japanese honeysuckle


Hi Tracey,

I've read amazing things about japanese honey suckle extract however a few are saying it's an estrogen mimicker like parabens. Lots of reputable companies are using it.

I trust your opinion. What do you think?

Angela Klein
chemical free & organic
" A chemical free ME! "


Strictly speaking, estrogen mimicking substances of concern are foreign or xeno estrogens from plastics, smog etc.

ALL plant matter contains phytoestrogens. Estrogen is the primary communication hormone of Planet Earth. Some plants contain more such as fennel or soy, but ALL plant matter contains them. Our bodies, not surprisingly, know how to make use of or discard phytoestrogens. Potatos, celery and oregano have never caused a problem. Smog has and does.

I would not compare phytoestrogens to parabens, ever. They don't even go to the same part of my brain. It's my position that estrogen mimicking chemicals clog the receptors, turning our natural estrogen into homeless vagabonds in our bodies. Then our estrogen gets scapegoated. It's the endocrine disruptors clogging our receptors that are the root cause, however.

Believe it or not, there is some sort of anti vegetable smear campaign going on funded by pharmaceutical and plastics interests. They seem to be intent on blaming plants for the endocrine disruption we are experiencing worIdwide from pollution in our air water and food.

All that being said, estrogen dominance is a serious matter and we must learn ways to detoxify ourselves. I don't suggest estrogen rich foods if you have estrogen dominance.

Thanks, Tracey