Hypnotherapy for Health

In hypnotherapy sessions, I gently guide you through your own healing process. I am honoured to be your assistant in the work you are doing for yourself.
Some hypnotists use pre packaged programs focussed on habit change.
By contrast, I enjoy working with people who are on a spiritual healing path to wholeness and seeking a gentle, effective boost.

Our sessions are relaxing, creative experiences, highlighted by self discovery.*
I have found hypnotherapy to be an effective process for: grieving and loss, recovery and reprocessing of memories, preparation for surgery and recovery, enhancing coping skills, especially for LGBTQ** clients negotiating family inclusion and for healing narcolepsy, low self esteem, eating disorders, ADHD, chronic pain.

Hypnotism is a state of attentive, receptive relaxation

in which we speak to our vast subconscious mind

without the interfering chatter of the conscious mind.

You design the session with me, build powerful suggestions,

remain conscious throughout the session and

learn to reinforce changes with exercises to do in daily


Hypnotherapy has the advantage over talk therapy in that you as the client do not need to reveal (although you may want to) what you are discovering or experiencing in order for sessions to be therapeutic! In every case, at all times, you the client are in control.

Here's what I offer:
~ I'll send you a confidential Hypnotherapy Information and Assessment tool when we book our initial appointment.
~ We'll review the Assessment, discuss your needs and goals, then design a session together.
~ We'll create 8 to 12 powerful affirmations together that address your very specific needs and goals.
~ We'll do the session, using the affirmations as post-hypnotic suggestions, plus I will teach you self hypnosis while you are in hypnosis!
~ You'll emerge from hypnosis refreshed and relaxed.
~ We'll talk through our observations and your experience of the session.
~ I'll then propose to you a package of customized hypnotherapy sessions, explicitly designed to help you make the permanent, healthy changes you've decided to make.

First Sessions are 1.5 hours.
Follow up sessions are 1 hour.
Refresher sessions are 30 or 45 minutes.

Packages of 3 sessions are offered for $400.
Packages of 6 sessions are offered for $600.
Packages of 10 sessions are offered for $800.
Package prices include coaching by phone and email, the initial 1.5 hour session,
ongoing "suggestion" development and 21 day instruction in self hypnosis.

I offer the same program by sliding scale for those who are committed to the work on themselves and do not have the means to pay the posted rates. Please do discuss your needs with me!

Hypnotherapy for Healing ~ Try it! 30 minutes FREE and Sliding Scale:

Try one session ~ with a 30 minute consultation for FREE ~ and experience the effects unfold over the coming month, or book a 3, 6 or ten session change program at progressive discounts. I charge a unique sliding scale of $100 to $200 an hour in accordance with guild standards. Feel free to forward this 30 minute free offer to your friends and colleagues.

Contact: Tracey ATAnarresHealth DOT ca with questions.
Please book a hypnotherapy session here: http://www.anarreshealth.ca/node/279

I am Tracey TieF, a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist through the NGH - National Guild of Hypnotists.

** I prefer the term FABGLITTER (from Fetish such as the BDSM lifestyle community, Allies or poly-Amorous, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Intersexed, Transgender, Transsexual Engendering Revolution) but then you wouldn't know what I am talking about!