Magical Incenses in partnership with The Hermit's Lamp

Made by hand by Tracey TieF in consultation with Andrew McGregor, these sandalwood paste sticks or cones are infused for 24 hours in 100% essential oils, dried, and packaged in compostable eucalyptus cellulose. Try these magical purpose-made burn-for-an-hour incenses and you won’t go back to synthetic kinds! Made with only pure essential oils, not fragrances, chemicals or DPG. Ingredients: (bamboo stick), wood powder, natural bond, and essential oils *Certified Organically Grown

Clearance: This handmade incense purifies and protects people and magical thingsCopal infused oil gently cleanses negative energy, eucalyptus radiata* dispells illness and conflict, while lime is personally purifying and protecting.
Money: This handmade incense inspires prosperity and abundance. Cinnamon bark strengthens money energy, basil draws business and good luck, while wintergreen manifests abundance painlessly.
Power: This handmade incense is affirming and empowering. Lemon stimulates physical and protective energies, clove strengthens consciousness and courage, while cedar instills self-control.
Psychic: This handmade incense is energizing and ecstatic. Cinnamon bark and ginger generate bioelectric power, clary sage induces euphoria and release, while ginger stimulates magical and sexual energies.
Spirit: This handmade incense grounds, then expands awareness. Sandalwood infused in walnut oil promotes religious union, frankincense serrata unites mind and body for meditation and prayer, while myrrh awakens spiritual realities beyond the everyday.

The incense packs of 10, in stick or cone formats.