St John's Wort Botanical Extract 100g

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St John's Wort Botanical Extract 100g

Hypericum Perforatum Standardization: 0.3%

Plant Part Used: Herb and Flower(Dried, 100% Natural)

Constituent: Hypericins

Sold by the 100G gram bagged.

Description: The perennial St. John's wort plant is an oil-rich plant whose leaves are densely covered with oil glands and its branched, woody stems swathed with the plants five-rayed golden yellow flowers. The St. Johns wort oil contains a distinct characteristic, which is evidenced when these flowers are rubbed between the fingers - staining them a blood red.

History: The term wort is an old English term for the plant. It's naming after St. John was based on the claim that red spots, symbolic of the blood of St. John, appeared on the leaves of the plant on the anniversary of the saint's beheading.

Common Uses: St Johns wort oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, allowing the soothing and strengthening of the skin. Its application in beauty products and creams is popular, as well as use for lip balm. Research has also shown that St. John’s Wort to aid in depression. This extract can be used in manufacturing skin care formulations, tinctures and topical treatments.

Solubility: Good solubility in hydro-alcoholic solution.

St John's Wort Botanical Extract is sold in sealed 100g foil pouches.