Bag: Cellophane: Vegetable Cellulose TEMPORARILY DISCONTINUED

Price: $1.25
Bag: Cellophane: Vegetable Cellulose
Bag: Cellophane: Vegetable Cellulose plantBag: Cellophane: Vegetable Cellulose gusset

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$1.25 Small Flat 3" x 5" 140MST, pack of 10
$1.75 Medium Gusset 2.5" x 1.25" x 7.75" #1/2 140MST, pack of 10
$2.75 Large Flat 6.75" x 9" 140MST, pack of 10

Cellulose bags are a clear, shiny, high-grade packaging product made from plant material harvested from non-rainforest tree farming. Composition and barrier properties make cellulose well suited for food and body products packaging.

You can label your bags with this message:
This is 100% Vegetable Cellulose "Plastic"
It biodegrades in 30-90 days in soil.
Compost this bag after reusing!
Unlike plastic, it cannot leach or off gas.
25% of the Earth's surface is covered in plastic.
This is the alternative!

Cellulose is the primary component of the cell walls of plants. It is completely natural and nontoxic, and can be composted. Vegetable cellulose can also be recycled with other paper products.

The bags are 100% biodegradable. Unlike other so-called "biodegradable plastics" that break up into wildlife killing bits in the environment, these bags will completely biodegrade. When buried, uncoated cellulose film is found to degrade within 10 to 30 days.

Cellulose bags are perfect for food and body product storage as, unlike plastic, no gases are given off or leach into your food or product. These bags have an average water vapour barrier rating, are heat seal=able and are a good choice for packaging greasy or oily products.

The cellulose used in these bags is 195 MST. This indicates a 1 mil thickness, with a water-based coating of "nitro cellulose" which biodegrades in 30 to 90 days in soil.


4.75"x 6.75"

Sold in sets of 10 or 100.
Order SMALL for 10.
Order LARGE for 100.