Stop GM Sugar Beets this Valentines

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Take Action before Valentines Day! February 14, 2009

Canadian sugar company Lantic Inc. (Rogers Sugar and Lantic brands) needs to reject Monsanto's genetically modified (GM) sugar beet and stay GM-Free. Lantic Inc. is the only sugar company in Canada that processes sugar beet (in Alberta) and it is currently GM-Free. It is deciding now if it will accept GM sugar beets for the first time. ( For more info:

Send a Valentine to the President of Lantic Inc. asking him to keep sugar GM-Free

Act now before the company breaks your heart by accepting GM sugar beet!

This sugar beet is genetically modified to be resistant to Monsanto's herbicide Roundup and is currently applied to sugar beet used for processing into sugar – as opposed to red table beets. GM sugar beets are wind pollinated, and there is a strong possibility that pollen from GM sugar beets could contaminate non-GM sugar beets as well as chard, and red and yellow beets (or "table beets").


1) Send your instant Valentine message at
2) Print, decorate or distribute cut-out Valentines to send from
3) Print the action alert with cut-out Valentines from
4) or Write your own letter or elaborate Valentine to:

Edward Makin, President and CEO, Lantic Inc.
4026 Notre-Dame St. E.
Montreal QC H1W 2k3
Fax: 514 527 1318

Thank you for your action!