Spots available for Monday's Love Lab!

What: The Love Lab: DIY Natural Lube & Mojo Massage Oils
When: Monday, February 9 from 6 to 8 pm
Where: Aangen Community Centre, 868 Dovercourt Road north of Bloor Phone: 416.519.9800 E-mail:
Cost: $25 plus $5 materials. Register at:

Come and get your customized Mojo Massage Oil and DIY with Tracey TieF, Certified Natural Health Practitioner. You'll learn about slippery, water-based, safe, tasty and healing ingredients, and make your own lube for the cost of half a tube! Get that petroleum off your crotch! PEG is NOT your friend! Neither is propylene glycol, glycerin, colouring, fragrances or any of those unreadable chemical ingredients that appear on the labels of commercial sexual lubricants, if they appear on the label at all. Aside from the harmful ingredients and punishing price tag, the lubes come in non refillable plastic, toxifying our planet a further 575 years after use! Make your own mojo to fit your mood. What a gift for you AND your beloved!