Anarres now offers Hypnotherapy for Health (PWYC for a limited time)

Hypnotism is a state of attentive, receptive relaxation in which we can speak to our vast subconscious mind without the interfering chatter of the conscious mind. Clients design the session with me, build powerful suggestions, remain conscious throughout the session and learn to reinforce changes with exercises to do in daily life.* In November, I passed my National Guild of Hypnotists exam, and became a Certified Consulting Hypnotist. I am now in the practicum phase and offering 100 hours of hypnotherapy at free-will donation rates. Pay me what it's worth to you to lose your cravings, give up unwanted habits with ease, improve your nutrition and build the body you want, overcome fears and barriers of every sort. Whether you want to try one session and experience the effects unfold over the coming month, or you want to book a 3, 6 or ten session change program, contact me soon to take advantage of the pay-what-you-can scale. After these 100 hours, I will be charging a sliding scale of $100 to $200 an hour in accordance with guild standards.

Contact: Tracey TieF 416 535 9620

Feel free to forward this offer to your friends and colleagues.