Natural Stretegies to Prevent and Survive Cancer and AIDS

Top of the list of my recommendations is to stop using any product or ingredient that is a carcinogen, tumour grower or suspected carcinogen. Conventional deodorants, antiperspirants and household cleaners come to mind. Beware especially of parabens, which cause breast tumour growth.

I generally recommend:

1. Boost immune system
~ increase sleep
~ improve sleep quality with progressive relaxation
~ reduce stress reactions with breathing exercises and visualization and suggestion messages to the body

2. Boost nutrition
~ take a chewable multi vitamin and mineral supplement with a good breakfast while your body detoxifies from treatment and repairs itself (Nu Life Nutrition, a local company, produces a "Gourmet Chewables" Multiple)
~ Eat raw, fresh food with every meal
~ Eat cold pressed oils from dark glass bottles with greens and in general. Eat raw nuts and seeds. (This is for essential fatty acids, which repair skin and balance hormones!)

3. Lower stress responses
~ Ask for what you need at home and at work. Hinting is passive-aggressive and annoys people while stating needs as facts is refreshingly direct and assertive. You may not get what you want but it still feels better than being disappointed by unspoken needs.
~ Learn and apply relaxation techniques whenever stress is felt.
~ Visualize the immune system working perfectly, not shut down by stress response. Direct your stress response that it's being unhealthy and making a mistake!

I offer many types of body or energy work that help lower stress, promote relaxation and good sleep, provide 4 hours sleep benefit per 1 hour session, and that boost the immune system. These services are tailored to your needs, medical status and history and preferences. The cost is $60 per hour. I also provide hypnotherapy to boost self esteem and immune system. Normally this costs $100 to $200 per hour, but I offer Pay What You Want and Package rates, too.