Do It Yourself Toronto Workshops...

I love to share "my secrets". I love to make potions and I teach weekly workshops in Toronto throughout the year. Everyone interested in learning more about their mind, body, spirit and the environment are welcome.

Weekly workshops include:

• Aromatherapy 101
• Non Toxic Living
• Non Toxic Women
• Non Toxic Mother and Baby
• Learn an Eastern Medicine
• Massage Mamalicious Baby and Caregiver Massage
• Learn a Reflexology Massage
• Learn a Reflexology Routine
• Make Your Own Soaps
• Make Your Own Bath Salts
• Make Your Own Lotions
• Potions and Creams
• Make Your Own Hair Care Products
• Make Sensual and Healing Massage and Bath Oils
• Make Your Own Healthy Lube
• DIY Natural Cleaning Products

"Who knew making natural and personalized soaps could be so easy? I took a Sunday workshop at Anarres and was very happy with the results. You won't be disappointed. Tracey offers workshops in making your own safe and natural skin care products (SLS free), and has extensive knowledge of aromatherapy and essential oils."

~ Lara B., Toronto, Ontario in Gig Park

I enjoy working with people who are interested in learning how to heal and who are seeking alternatives to pharmaceutically-driven health care. Contact me online for information on the next Toronto aromatherapy workshop.