ONE FREE Iridology Assessment Wednesday, April 29th

I have a special offer for you today.
My colleague Eric Mueller gave me an iridology assessment, written report and follow up that really impressed and enlightened me. I asked him if he could offer the same to some of my clients, because I know that some of you would be interested and would find the information beneficial.

So I happily refer you to Eric who will offer ONE FREE Iridology Assessment tonight at the Anarres Natural Health Clinic at College and Ossington. Please be in touch with him directly ASAP.

My name is Eric Mueller.
I am a student at the Canadian School of Iridology here in Toronto.
I don't know if you know what an iridologist does. It's the study of people's eyes.
An iridologist cannot detect actual diseases in people, but can detect inherited and/or acquired weaknesses in the body through an eye exam, and then give recommendations. Iridology is a quick, accurate, non-invasive and painless method of health analysis through the examination of the iris.
It's considered "alternative" health care, and a lot people don't believe in that.
I am writing to you because, as a student, I am required to do case studies on people.
The exam is free of charge, because I'm not yet licensed.
Would you be interested? Please let me know.