Testimonials of the Month: May, 2009

Carrie Garbas just recommended Anarres Natural Health on GigPark!

Tracey is wonderful. I've been to Anarres Natural Health for reflexology treatments - excellent! - and for all natural and eco-friendly skin and hair care products. She uses beautiful ingredients. My favourite is a jojoba and lemon essential oil I wear to bed which gives my face just the slightest glisten and a cleansing lotion that smells of all my favourite flowers. She does custom formulations based on individual needs - all in eco-friendly packaging. I also love Tracey's e-newsletter - always full of great information and special offers.

~ Carrie Garbas, Writer, creative thinker, lover of words and pictures www.pinkelephantcommunications.com, Toronto

I recently did a chakra balancing session with Tracey. I highly recommend this treatment to all! I have done many sessions but this was my first involving the chakras. I felt so grounded, balanced and energized by the end of it!

God bless you Tracey, you are abundantly wonderful.

~ Tarek Bibi, www.riseandshinehypnosis.com, Toronto