Climate Bill Killed Without Debate in the Senate, A New Low For Democracy under Harper

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2010 UN Climate Meetings: Cancun, Mexico

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Gracias por Nada

A new group is on the ground in Cancun today - the Canadian Alliance for Petroleum Peddlers - thanking the delegates for doing nothing. Send a letter to the head of the Cancun climate talks here:

The return of Minister Baird – Canada picks up where it left off with a Fossil of the Day Sweep on the opening day of the UN climate talks!

(Cancun) The Canadian Government, led by returning Environment Minister John Baird, has kicked of the UN climate talks in Cancun by winning an incredible first, second and third place Fossil of the Day awards! With three consecutive Colossal Fossil of the Year awards behind them, it seems this government is continuing its reckless approach to climate change in the hopes of setting even more fossil records.


Elizabeth May: Demise of climate bill was undemocratic
Unelected members of the Senate killed legislation approved by MPs

PM allows unelected Senate to kill climate bill in unprecedented vote

Unelected Tory senators kill climate bill passed by House

The Conservatives have used their clout in the Senate stacked by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to kill an NDP climate change bill that was passed by a majority of the House of Commons.


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Rick Mercer on the Senate's destruction of C-311:

"Most of us, we like to think about what's right, not what's legal; and if you're dealing with people who go through life and don't care about right or wrong, and don't care about democracy as we know it, and only care about what they can get away with, all the Reform in the world won't make a difference."

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