Freedonia - supporting grassroots organizing

Are you involved in a grass-roots community organizing project?
Your group could be eligible for a Freedonia grant.

Freedonia is a Canadian organization that provides small grants to support
grassroots organizing that promotes radical and democratic social change.

Freedonia was founded in 1997 by Gary Moffatt as an expression of his
lifetime commitment to anarchism and to building social and economic
alternatives to capitalism. In keeping with this anti-authoritarian
vision, Freedonia is a catalyst for the development of movements promoting
radical democratic and systemic change.

In our 2011 Granting Period, Freedonia invites applications for projects
which are focused on expanding grassroots, face to face participation in
social, economic and political activism through organizing, training and

Applications for the 2011 Granting Period must be submitted by February 18,
2011. Freedonia generally makes grants up to $5,000. Freedonia funding is
limited to projects located within Ontario and British Columbia, Canada.

Freedonia recognizes and values the diversity of our communities and our
movements. Freedonia is committed to ending all forms of discrimination
and to the realization of full social and economic equality. In this
Freedonia takes proactive measures regarding funding applicants from equity
seeking groups. Favourable consideration will be given to projects that
expressly and actively promote social and economic equality.

Please visit to find out more about Freedonia and to read
our mission statement, application criteria and guidelines.

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