Balm: Mamalicious Baby

Price: $12.50
Balm: Mamalicious Baby

This all-in-one healing ointment prevents and soothes diaper rashes, boo-boos, eczema, and psoriasis. Another client uses the Mamalicious balm to heal her blepharitis (a condition of the skin around the eyes).

Ingredients: sunflower seed oil* Helianthus annus, beeswax Cera alba, shea butter** Butyrospermum parkii, calendula* Calendula officinalis & arnica* Arnica montana & St John’s wort Hypericum perforatum infused in sunflower seed oil* Helianthus annus, vitamine E mixed tocopherols, essential oils of Roman chamomile* Chamaemelum nobile, lavender* Lavandula officinalis and myrrh Commiphora myrrha.
Certified **Fair Trade *Organically Grown

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"I absolutely love this!!!! We are very environmentally conscious in our house, and this fits all of our needs, but most importantly - it works!! We use cloth diapers on our baby, and there are a lot of creams that you can't use as they are not compatible with cloth diapers, but this one works fantastic! I love how creamy it is, and how it clears up any rashes! My older son has eczema and it helps with his rash too! Thank-you Tracey!"

~ Cassandra

Just wanted to say thank-you again for the (Mamalicious) workshop. I've got cold and I've actually been using the balm on my nose to soothe it after blowing so much! I love it.

Paloma (Hanlon, teacher and new mother, England)

Amazing!!! I have psoriasis on my legs and about 7 mo. ago got a nasty patch on my left elbow. It has been red and looks like a scar. I tried a photographer I was worried about how my clients would react to this skin disease. 3 days after using the cream....gone...event the red scar like colour! Thank you Tracey! Posted By: suzanne , photographer, Toronto wedding day memories url: intimate pregnancy portraits url: