Bottle: Glass Frosted Black 250mL

Price: $3.25
Bottle: Glass Frosted Black 250mL
silver capwhite atomizergold pump

The black glass bottles are frosted, and block out light, so that products containing oil and essential oil will stay fresher, longer.

Glass is fully recyclable and does not absorb or leach chemicals into your lotions or potions.

All essential oils be stored in glass or aluminum, away from heat, and out of direct sunlight.

Choose from three kinds of tops:
silver cap
atomizer/spritzer to pump spray flower waters etc
pump for lotions etc

I am offering packaging at wholesale prices. If you need more than 10 in one order, you will receive 10% off.

Boston Round Blue* and Amber glass bottles are now listed with the other bottles.
*almost out of stock as of April 2015.