Bottle: Glass, Swing-Top Kombucha 50% off!

Price: $2.00
Bottle: Glass, Swing-Top Kombucha 50% off!
Bottle: Glass, Swing-Top

Are you a homebrewer?
A kombucha maker?
A lover of caps that don't go missing?
Looking for some swing-top glass bottles for your creations?

Glass swing-Top Bottles are:
~ Perfect for storing, preserving, and displaying oils, vinegars, liqueurs, and more
~ Swing bottle stopper creates a leak-proof seal
~ A lovely addition to any tabletop, or can be used to create the perfect homemade gift
~ Available in three sizes (8.5oz, 17oz, 33.75oz)
~ Odour and stain proof, dishwasher safe without bottle top

Look no further than Anarres!
We have a variety of sanitized
* 750mL to 1 litres
* clear glass bottles
* with swing tops available
while supplies last.

* stronger glass than typical bottles
* Completely reusable
* Flip-top style: simplifies bottling process
* No need to cap
* Sturdy, steel wire assembly and
* thick rubber gaskets to complete the seal

Also known as grolsch-style bottles

Instructions: Simply flip the cap and rubber gasket onto the bottle's opening and clamp down the wire.

4 bottles photo thanks to Jim Champion from Southampton, UK (Elderflower cordial) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Tops photo thanks to StromBer (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons