Clay: Red Reef Australian

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Clay: Red Reef Australian

Organic Australian Kaolin Clay – Red Reef
Natural hematite, oxides and silicates.
Process Method: Sun dried.

Gives your Skin the Wonderful Glow of Health and Well Being!

Reef Red clay's high content of iron and essential minerals help replenish and regenerate the epidermis of the skin to create softening and conditioning for a healthy glow. Reef Red clay's rich color can also be used in organic hair coloring, giving a natural red color that can last up to 6 weeks. I use it to colour soaps and baths salts, too!

Caution to be exercised as clays may stain fabric.

Simple chemical-free Face Mask Recipe:
Mix 1 tsp clay with 1 tsp flower water and 1 tsp aloe vera gel juice. Apply. Let dry. Wash off with a cloth you don't mind staining! Tone with flower water.

The lighter and cooler coloured the clay, the more astringent it is. The darker and warmer coloured the clay, the more moisturizing and nourishing it is. I recommend:
washed blue: very oily skin
French green clay: oily skin
pink or yellow clay: acneic skin with dry patches
rhassoul clay: normal and combination skin
Red and black clays: deep conditioning to be added to lighter clay for olive to dark brown skins

Sold by the 100g in clean plastic bags re-purposed from packaging.