Paper: Tape, Kraft Packing, 2" x 600 feet!

Price: $11.25
Paper: Tape, Kraft Packing, 2" x 600 feet!

Want to pack parcels without horrifying amounts of smelly killer plastic tape?

Go old school with me!

I searched and searched and found a local supplier of this elusive kraft paper packing tape and now I want to share my case with you!

It's 60-pound kraft paper (that natural brown) with water activated gummed adhesive.
It's fun!
It works!
It looks fantastic!

I am wholesaling each eco-friendliest 2 inch wide by 600-foot long roll!

I adore this stuff.
Try it!

Sold by the roll.

NOTE THAT EACH ROLL WEIGHS MORE THAN A KILOGRAM (2 pounds) and so I can't post to the US. PLEASE CONSIDER ORDERING FROM YOUR LOCAL ULINE or packaging store. US and outside of Ontario Canadian orders will be cancelled and refunded. *thanks* We reserve the right to remove the items from your order and to refund you what you paid for it if postage paid is less than cost.

If you are ordering from the US please consider buying a quantity with friends. Shipping costs me more than the tape cost you!

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