Soap: Home & Garden, Family Set of 3

Price: $6.75
Soap: Home & Garden, Family Kit of 3
Soap: Home & Garden, Family Set of 3

Zero waste struggles in your home? Tired of shopping for and juggling a myriad of plastic bottles of cleansers, shower gels, and liquid "soaps" (really, detergents?)

This kit has your reluctant family covered, with soaps to suit oily, dry, sensitive, and frankly dirty skin!

With the Home & Garden Family Kit, there is something for everyone in your family, and you never have to throw anything away! Our soap naturally biodegrades, making it a great addition to your eco-friendly home.

Creamy Clay: The Creamy Clay bar is gentle enough to cleanse and tone all skin types, and with help from bentonite clay, it absorbs excess sebum in the skin.

Pumice: For days spent working in the garden or garage, baking or cooking, or for dirty skin, this is your go-to. Kids bedazzled in glue, marker, & glitter? The Pumice bar cleanses the dirtiest skin without the use of harsh cleaning agents.

Cucumber & Calendula: Too much time with your face in the sun, or your hands in the dirt? The skin healing and rehydrating Cucumber & Calendula bar is the perfect mild cleanser for sensitive or dry skin.

This what-the-heck-I'll-try-it-priced Family Soap Kit is the perfect way to meet all of your family's skin needs - all the while eliminating all those wasteful plastic bottles.