Sponge: Natural Mediterranean Sea, Cosmetic

Price: $10.00
Sponge: Natural Mediterranean Sea

Hippospongia Communis "grass sponges"

* Pliable natural sponges
* Finely grained and highly absorbent
* Easy to use and re-usable
* Easy clean up with soap and water
* Use for watercolor washes or soaking and stretching papers and are excellent for pottery making
* Use with acrylics, oil, watercolors, and fabric paints. Ideal for sponge painting, faux finishes, stippling, and staining.

Collected from specimens found in the depths of the Mediterranean, Sea Sponges are dense and strong due to the crushing pressure and bone-chilling cold. Processing starts as soon as the sponges are collected and finishes in the British manufacturer’s facilities. Upon completion, the meticulous and thorough processing produces soft and absorbent sponges that are pleasing to the touch. Furthermore, all sponges made using natural materials are resistant to bacteria, not prone to foul odors, and can be used without causing irritation to sensitive skin.

Our supplier is an old and reputable producer of sponges for use in personal care. Its approach to sea sponges is the same as its approach to products in general, emphasizing both ethics and social responsibilities.

Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay

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