Workshop: Mineral Make Up and Lip Balms in Black Creek, BC!

Price: $100.00
Workshop: Mineral Make Up and Lip Balms in Black Creek, BC!

WHAT: Mineral Make Up and Lip Balms
WHEN: Tuesday, May 16, 10am - 4pm
WHERE: Black Creek, B.C.. Presented by Red Fox Botanicals. Location and directions will be sent when you register.

Vegan/ Hallal / Kosher / Gluten-free LUNCH and COFFEE TEA WATER are included. Please bring your reusable bottle or mug. Please don't bring throw away containers!

I've got a dozen clays
and dozens of shimmery mica and deep coloured oxide powders
and I want to play with them with you!

Enjoy a preview here:

We'll experiment with making:
~ blushes,
~ mineral finishing powder
~ eye shadows etc using a variety of clays and mica shimmery colours

In the afternoon
we'll make our own

~ lip balm (bring a used lipstick tube if you can)
~ healing concealer balm (bring a used lipstick tube if you can)
~ very challenging but worthwhile custom cream foundation*

Bring your empty make up containers and your brushes! You'll go home with your own custom made blush or foundation powder and eye shadow!

* Please know that making liquid foundation is very challenging! We do it at the end of the workshop so that we've had some experience with colour blending already, but most people leave with a work-in-progress!

Hi Tracey! Thank you so much for the wonderful and informative workshop. It's a first workshop I ever take in my life. While I was making the make up, I couldn't see how is it sit on my skin, but when I got home, i tried everything on and... it's just a perfect! Everything looks so natural, not too dark, not too light, just like a professional makeup artist made it special for me:) And the consistence of everything is nice and smooth, I like this feeling that I am wearing what I made by myself. I am excited! You are a very talented and cool person. I am glad I met you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge with us.
~ Khrystyna, Whitby, Ontario

PAYMENT: The materials for you including lunch cost me @$50. I spent @16 hours labour preparing for each workshop including writing notes, sourcing and packing materials, creating posters and other promotional materials, planning, crea
ting and administrating registrations, corresponding and promoting. We are taught in our society that we "win" if we pay another person less than we earn ourselves. I invite you to treat me as your equal, to create with me, in the words of economist Charles Eisenstein, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible. I expect you will pay what you are able to; what feels right for what you receive from my time and effort.

For example, Pay What Feels Right for this 6 hour workshop:
$200 is the regular rate
$100 subsidized rate, counts on another to pay more. This rate pays me less than minimum wage.
$300+ subsidizer rate, helps pay for another who can't afford the full rate, so that I can earn a living wage.

DEPOSIT OF $50 IS REQUIRED TO REGISTER: You may pay at the workshop if necessary, but please make a minimum deposit of $50 to hold your spot. This pays for the materials and costs I need to spend upfront.

TO help me get to BC with my children, PLEASE send an e-transfer or mail a cheque today! Anarres Natural Health 749 Dovercourt Road Toronto ON M6H 2X1. Please eTransfer money to AnarresHealth AT . Don't forget to check out so that I receive your registration!

I am looking forward to learning with you!

2017/05/16 - 10:00am - 4:00pm

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