Yes, because:
1. We SUPPLY BODY CARE AND CONTRACEPTION to stores, small product makers and health care practitioners.
2. We primarily sell consumer products necessary to maintain households and businesses.
3. We operate as an alternative pharmacy, offering compounding for skincare (ex medicated sulphur creams for scabies), and many products such as menstrual products, post-surgical products, tinctures, homeopathics and contraception such as diaphragms, cervical caps, condoms.

We are operating Anarres Apothecary in compliance with the advice, recommendations and instructions of public health officials, including all advice, recommendations and instructions on physical distancing, cleaning or disinfecting.

In order to minimize the possibility of transmission of COVID-19 or any other illness at Anarres:
1. ORDER ONLINE Strongly encourage you to order online at Use the SEARCH bar to find what you need and add it to the cart. You can pay with a card through PayPal, or select OTHER to pay by etransfer, or upon pick up in the store.
2. HAVE YOUR ORDER POSTED Strongly encourage you to choose to have your order posted rather than coming into the store to pick up. We post every day except for Sundays and Mondays. We can post simple orders the same day; orders with many items, or that require us to make items, take a few days. Please be mindful of ordering packaging (bags jars or bottles) when ordering bulk items.
3. BROWSE OUR WEBSITE, NOT OUR STORE Ordinarily, we love customers who check out every item in the store and who feel at home enough to browse for an hour. But at this time we ask you to please check our website to get an idea of what you need, make a list and ask us for help to get your order together with the least amount of time and contact. This is unfortunately not the time to explore essential oils or hydrosols you might like. We miss doing this with you, but it's too much contact!
4. PLEASE DON'T BRING A FRIEND WHO IS NOT SHOPPING We want the store to be uncrowded so people can social distance comfortably.
5. BE THE ONLY PERSON IN A ZONE We are striving to have only one customer at a time in these zones of the store: 1. Hermit's Lamp. 2. Zero Waste and housewares 3. Cash 4. Sexual Health 5. Herbs, Bulk and Packaging
6. USE THE HAND SANITIZER AT THE ENTRANCE COMING IN AND GOING OUT. Have your hands had it with hand sanitizer? We encourage you to wear gloves (and a mask, too, or a scarf over your mouth and nose.)
7. EMAIL US YOUR QUESTIONS AHEAD OF TIME. If you use a subject line and don't ask too many questions at once, I am pretty sure I can get back to you the same day. Emails with a lot of questions take a few days to answer because they can't be responded to quickly. You can also call us at 6478276968. Please be aware that we are not in a position to have a half-hour consultation on your needs, and unless we are at a computer - unlikely when the store is open - we can't run through exact prices on the 17,400 price points in the store. We also can't offer medical advice.
8. PAY BY ETRANSFER, PAYPAL OR TAP IF YOU CAN. We have a contactless card machine, and transfer are deposited automatically when you send them to Make sure you spell it correctly. We will refund or credit you for any amounts you prepay but don't use. We accept cash, but it means lots of contact and trips to deposit it. We regularly UV sanitize our cash and the cash area has a UV sanitizer that services up to 700 sq feet.
9. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SURVIVAL by buying a Gift Certificate, Workshopper Card or Care Package. Now that everyone has cleaned us out of toilet paper, we are operating close to the bone at 33% below the 2019 minimum budget with 1 employee, 1 contract helper, 1 unpaid WWOOFer and 1 unpaid owner (me).

"All supply chains necessary for the production of vital food and healthcare supplies are being protected and remain intact."

"Teleworking, online commerce and other innovative ways of working remotely are permitted at all times and are strongly encouraged for all businesses."