Water Purifier Slowed to a Trickle? Troubleshooting Stefanis

Q: Hi Tracey,

There seems to be an issue with the water purifier - water is only coming out in drops. it’s been fine this whole time. The issue has just started today. How can I fix this? Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you...

A: If you fill-up the top compartment of your water purifier at night, but in the morning the bottom compartment is empty...The answer is simple! Your filters are clogged with metals or other stuff they have filtered out.

If it hasn't been 6 months since you've put in new filters, then gently remove them while holding the grey base, then scrub them while holding the bottom of the ceramic part under a stream of water, and then carefully reinstall.

Please refer to the maintenance instructions here.

Let me know if your problem has been solved.