Tracey at Relationship to Spirit Herbal Mentorship

2021 Weekend Schedule
May 22/23 Animal Medicine
June 19/20 Elderberry flower
July 17/18 Mugwort
August 21/22 Yarrow
September 18/19 Red Oak

~ Daily flow for plant weekends~
1) Three days of personal preparation before the weekend.
2) Arrive Saturday morning/land acknowledgement.
3) Ceremony of intentions.
4) Harvest plants and make water infusions.
5) Centering circle & silence begins.
6) Evening fires & rest.
7) Morning rituals
8) Silence ceases and sharing circle begins.
9) Closing ceremony
10)Light Dinner

"Solitude is not an absence of energy or action, as some believe,
but is rather a boon of wild provisions transmitted to us from the soul."
-- Clarissa Pinkola Estes ​​​

Come spend entire weekends bonding with plant and animal medicines.
This series is all about deepening your relationship with:
Spirit, Solitude & Elemental Community.

Give this gift to yourself.
5 weekends camping in Carolinian forest paradise.
All outdoors fireside.
Learn from the animals and plants directly.
No screens or online learning.
* One part work trade space is open
** 4 regular spaces are open.

Animal medicine
These teachings come from a Germanic and Scandinavian lens and my life spent living on this land in southern Ontario.
I encourage students to dive deep into their own ancestral traditions. The Gaia Hive is a safe space to share our ancestry and not blend cultures together. By learning more about our own ancestors we can learn from each other and see the common threads that unite us as kin.

Our first weekend together will be spent in the depths of the animal realms. We start each day together doing a land acknowledgement.We will tell stories & journey to meet new spirit animals that can guide and protect us on our paths. Throughout this weekend we will be making animals with clay and embody their medicines through activities. We will work with bones, fur, and feathers. There will be a 3 hour silent sit spot each day in the depth of the forest to connect to the animal world.

Plant Medicines
The next four weekends we will work with Elderberry flower, Mugwort, Oak, and Yarrow doing plant dietas. These four plants are a few of my ancestral allies. They grow in temperarate places in Europe as well as here in southern Ontario.
24 hours of each weekend will be in silence outdoors in the forest fireside.

We will prepare these medicines together and drink teas from their plant bodies. These journeys are done in a ceremonial process that may open you up physically, emotionally, and spiritually. These non-psychoactive plants are safe, accessible and affordable. They are Teacher Plants too. They are our Elders. When we work with common plants in ceremony we can experience life in ways that are not usually accessible in everyday consciousness. In this lifetime we are consistently shifting into a space where we are remembering how to find gateways into higher consciousness. This is essential for us to evolve and thrive in 2021 and onwards. The plants retune our brains to recieve new energetic frequencies and unite us with the whole cosmic plant universe. By physically ingesting a plant it becomes part of us. Their vibration can assist us in changing our cell structure enabling us to fill ourselves with their light, love, and energy. When we are grounded and live an embodied life we have the ability to help others heal.
What a gift it is to deepen our love with these beloved plant pals.

2021/05/22 - 8:15pm - 2021/05/23 - 9:15pm