Arrowroot Powder, sold by the gram

Price: $0.03

Maranta arundinacea, powdered from the dried rhizome, commercially harvested in Thailand.

Sold by the gram, $0.0254/g. Please bring or order a bag

You must order a minimum of 100g and buy a bag or other suitable container (search JAR or BOTTLE on our website). You must allow us to package your bulk item in a container or bag that your item will fit in safely, and agree to pay any difference before you receive your item.

BY REQUEST: Also sold in an unopened bag 1 lb 454g at 20% off = $9.24 We'll apply the discount when you order 454g.

Volume: 3 cups per pound/454g.

Arrowroot Powder, Maranta arundinacea is supplied as a very fine white silky and soothing powder. Just add your own scent or leave unscented, and you have a terrific body & bath powder! Works great as a thickener in sauces also! Nutritive, non-irritating diet in convalescence for children and elderly people, and for those recovering from gastroenteritis and from fevers, irritations of the alimentary canal, pulmonary organs, and urinary infections. Mix arrowroot with Chamomile as prickly heat treatment. Apply to poisonous insect bites and snake bites. Arrowroot has tremendous thickening ability and can be used in cold water. It is the best choice if you need a clear thickener for water-based creams and lotions.

Storage: Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

Appearance: White Powder

Cosmetic: Use arrowroot in body powders as an alternative to talcum powder.

Photo thanks to Forest & Kim Starr, CC BY 3.0 US , via Wikimedia Commons


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