Bag: Burlap Jute Drawstring Natural, Red, Green or Ivory

Price: $2.00

Please refer to the page below to see which amount goes with what you want. Please be sure you order what you need.

Your choice of colour:

Bag: Burlap Drawstring
Bag: Burlap Drawstring RedBag: Burlap Drawstring IvoryBag: Burlap Drawstring GreenBag: Burlap Drawstring Natural

$2 Small, NATURAL colour: @4 x 6" / 3 3/4 x 5" usable size, @14.5 x 10.5cm
$2 Small, RED colour: @4 x 6" / 3 3/4 x 5" usable size, @14.5 x 10.5cm

$3 Medium, MOSS GREEN: @15.34cm x 34.29cm / 6" x 10"
$3 Medium, IVORY: @15.34cm x 34.29cm / 6" x 10"

All sizes are approximate!
Fabric weight: 10oz

Cloth Bag Advantages over plastic:

~ Absorb moisture, inhibiting mould and mildew while allowing airflow.
~ Are made of strong natural fibres and won't tear apart like plastic.
~ Tie up securely with included drawstring.
~ Are biodegradable.

* Bag: 100% jute (burlap)
* Single drawstring: White cotton
* Not treated with chemicals.
* Not pre-shrunk. Will shrink up to 10%.

They are securely but not decoratively sewn!

Bags WITH DRAWSTRINGs work really well to keep small things, cords, paper together during a move, and could be used to package bulk dry goods such as:
soap nuts
epsom salts
Zapotec Sea Salt
Himalayan Sea Salt
emulsifying waxes

Learn more about why cloth is an eco-friendly option here:


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