Water Purifier: Terra Cotta Stefani Traditional São João

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Water Purifying: Stefani Terra Cotta ModelsWater Purifier Stefani Traditional boxWater Purifier Stefani Traditional cross section

30% off 13L, 10L 8L and 4L while our overstock situation lasts! 6L are no longer on clearance sale. There is only 1 available!

Terra Cotta Water Purifying Crocks from Brazil are affordable and healthy for people and planet! The triple-action micro-pore ceramic, colloidal silver and activated carbon filter cartridges efficiently remove unwanted chemicals such as chlorine, unwanted metals such as lead, and other harmful microorganisms and chemicals.
Stefani water filters consistently remove and reduce the following impurities and contaminants:

99.9% Bacteria
99.9% Amoeba
99.7% Copper
99.6% Lead
98.5% Chlorine
99.4% Iron
99.4% Zinc
97.0% Bromoform
95.0% Dichlorobromomethane
94.5% Aluminum
93.0% Chloroform
93.0% Dibromochloromethane
92.0% Dieldrin
87.0% Lindane
>50% to <10% Fluoride, municipally added water

... Resulting in naturally fresh and 100% healthy water.

Because the filters are ceramic, not plastic, they do not leach hormone-disrupting chemicals into your water and into the landfill afterwards. Terracotta water purifiers come complete with filters, tap, and float valves to double their capacity. The affordable filter candles need only be replaced every 6 months, and the tap and floats last many years.

NOTE: Our nearest competitor charges 2-3 times more in US Dollars for filters, taps and floats! Our prices are still the lowest in North America!

To order Stefani filtres, float valves and taps CLICK HERE.

CHOOSE FROM these handmade terra cotta water crocks:

4L Traditional Reg: $200 NOW: $140 + Shipping. Best for drinking water for one person. São João 4L: Length: 24,00 cm (9.45 in) / Width: 23,50 cm (9.25 in) / Height: 46,00 cm (18.11 in) – 7,60 kg (16.76 lbs)

~ 6L Traditional Reg: $225 + Shipping Best for 2 people for drinking water, or 1 person who also cooks with purified water. São João 6L: Length: 26,00 cm (10.24 in) / Width: 25,50 cm (10.04 in) / Height: 58,00 cm (22.83 in) - 9,62 kg (21.21 lbs) Order now if you want this size and model as there is only 1 available!.

ON SALE! 8L Traditional Reg: $250 NOW: $175 + Shipping Best for household or 2 people who make soups soak beans etc. São João 8L: Length: 27,50 cm (10.83 in) / Width: 27,00 cm (10.63 in) / Height: 62,50 (24.61 in) - 12,32 kg (27.17 lbs)

ON SALE! 10L Traditional Reg: $275 + NOW: $192 Shipping Best for household OF 3+ people who make soups, soak beans etc. São João 10L: Length: 29,00 cm (11.42 in) / Width: 29,00 cm (11.42 in) / Height: 65,50 cm (25.79 in) – 15,17 kg (33.44 lbs)

ON SALE! 13L Traditional Reg: $425 NOW: $297 + Shipping Best for a larger household, spa, clinic or cosmetic maker. The height of the 16L is 30" including the cap top. It measures @12" around. São João Style (see lower right photo). It weighs 16.9 kg boxed, 72cm x 52cm x 51cm.


How To Install a Stefani Water Filter Candle

PICK-UP IN TORONTO ONLY: Choose "pick up" on checkout. I NO LONGER OFFER SHIPPING. Water purifiers are packed complete in 1 box and are luggable by subway or bike (bring many cords!- or take a taxi!) When you order, I'll contact you to arrange a pick-up day and time. Pick-up is at or near Bloor and Dovercourt in Toronto M6H2X3 and is available Sundays through Thursdays 7 am to 7 pm. Please allow 15 minutes for me to show you how to set up, prime, and maintain your water purifier.

What is a Stefani water purification crock?
~ It is a two-piece, sturdy terra cotta countertop unit that uses gravity to purify water.
~ It's handmade in Brazil by local artisan potters by a family social enterprise.
~ It uses triple-action micro-pore ceramic, colloidal silver and activated carbon filter cartridges to make delicious water totally safe for consumption.
~ It is assembled and disassembled without tools and only the float is a moving part.

Why use a Stefani water purification crock?

~ It's healthy. The triple-action micro-pore ceramic, colloidal silver and activated carbon filter cartridges efficiently reduce and remove chlorine, bacteria, lead, viruses, fungus and other harmful microorganisms and chemicals. Because the filters are ceramic, not plastic, they do not leach hormone-disrupting chemicals into your water and into the landfill afterwards.

~ It's environmentally friendly Using the Stefani crock eliminates single-use plastic water bottles, comes in a cardboard box and replaces many plastic water filter cartridges. It also uses no electricity because the water is gravity fed, and does not waste water (unlike reverse osmosis which concentrates toxins in 70% of the water it wastes).

~ It's affordable. Ceramic and stainless steel water crocks generally cost 4 times more to buy, and water purifying machines cost 7 times more to buy. Conventional countertop and refrigerator pitchers cost 2 to 4 times more to operate because of the need to change the filters more often.

Stefani Traditional triple action filters make water crystal clear and eliminate impurities present in the water. Each sterilizing and de-chlorinating filter candle contains colloidal silver and activated carbon elements that efficiently reduce and remove chlorine, bacteria, lead, viruses, fungus and other harmful microorganisms and chemicals making water totally safe for consumption.

Improve the quality of your drinking water in the kitchen using natural and cost-effective solutions! Read how the Stefani Traditional triple action filters work here

See the Stefani Traditional Water Purifier in this video

The replaceable Stefani Traditional triple action filters last up to 6 months or 500 litres of water filtered. Conventional water filtering jugs offer replacement filters that last only up to 6 weeks and are normally made of hormone-disrupting plastic.

The ceramic wall on the replacement filters offers superior filtration of 0.5 microns which is like a fraction of a particle of sand. This removes most impurities from your water not offered by popular solutions.

Chlorine is removed by granular carbons made from coconut shells. LEARN more here

Stefani water purification crocks require no electrical power and eliminate the use of plastic water bottles in homes and cottages and thereby reducing environmentally hazardous waste!

Used worldwide for its excellence in design and water purifying qualities in countries like US, England, Australia, South Africa, Peru and others. Respected and used extensively by non-governmental aid Organizations as an affordable solution to provide clean water to underprivileged areas of the world.

I recommend the Stefani water purification crock with Traditional triple action filters for:
~ untreated or inadequately treated water
~ household served by old pipes or with old plumbing
~ well water
~ households with immune-suppressed members
~ cosmetic makers who want to replace distilled water with pure filtered water.

Nothing can provide more pure water than the Stefani water purification crock. It works as a real water treatment plant.

The revolutionary Stefani Traditional triple action filter, with colloidal silver and activated charcoal, filters the impurities, eliminating bacteria and microorganisms, reducing odours, flavours and the quantity of chlorine in the water.

Stefani Traditional triple action filters purify water with Micropore Ceramics, Activated Carbon and Colloidal Silver.

Stefani Triple Action Candle Filter Features:

~ Triple Safe Filtration System.
~ Removes up to 99.9% of Amoebas and Bacteria
~ Removes up to 99% of Suspended Solids
~ Filters .4 to .5 microns

~ Materials- the outer layer is made of ceramic porcelain. The interior of the filter contains granular activated carbon ATC media.

~ Performance factors- the filter removes chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals including lead, aluminum, iron, giardia, cryptosporidium, e-Coli and sediment.

~ Flow rate: 1 Litre / ¼ gallon per hour per filter

~ Water sources: tap, well, river, lake, a stream can be used. Not for use with saltwater.


To order Stefani filtres, float valves and taps CLICK HERE.

I am presently the only supplier of Stefani water crocks, filters, and replacement parts: float valves and taps in North America!!! I carry a small stock because I am committed to my two water crocks for the production of natural cosmetics and for my family, and to my clients who have purchased water crocks from me.

MAINTENANCE: Like all gravity-fed water purification systems, you will need to periodically clean your crock and parts inside and out. The filtering candle(s) will need to be replaced every 6 months, and if your water is especially dirty from old plumbing etc, then you will need to lightly scrub the candle under plain running water between changes. Efflorescence will appear on the terra cotta (earthenware) just like on clay plant pots. Please wipe the excess off daily, or at minimum weekly. I will review each maintenance point with you upon pick up. For more information on the origins of the Stefani crock and its maintenance, please see the Frequently Asked Questions

FILTRES ARE ALWAYS IN STOCK! Replace filters every 6 months or 500 litres, whichever comes first.

If your water is filtering very slowly before that time, that's good news - your cartridge has trapped a lot of metals and larger particles because your water is hard or dirty. Simply remove the filter cartridges and scrub with a non-metallic scrubber in plain running water. Your cartridge has trapped a lot of metals and larger particles, but your filtered water will be purified!

Above you can see the inner charcoal centre.

WHERE TO PUT IT: These beautiful terra cotta water crocks are best on a stand where household members can easily get a glass of water or refill a bottle. A stand provides the best ventilation around the crock, too, and puts water at the centre of household life!

In hot countries, water crocks are placed just outside the front door! The hotter the air, the cooler the water thanks to evaporative cooling. Sharing this water with passersby is often traditional.

If you are putting the crock under cupboards on a countertop, please give yourself clearance so that you can fill the purifying reservoir with water. Please note that limiting air circulation around the water purifier may result in mould growth on the outside of your purifier. Please strive to keep the water purifier on a countertop, stand or otherwise in the open.

Water crocks come with all parts and filters needed. Most clients order a set of filters so that they are set for a whole year. Taps and floats do not need replacement unless accidentally broken. It's nicer to clean them once in a while, though!

What are the Stefani Water Purifier Warrantees?

MAIL ORDER If we've mailed your order, and any parts are broken, we make an insurance claim with your cooperation and then we replace the broken parts.

PICK-UP When you pick up, we go through your order together to ensure that everything is complete and intact.

REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR SALE You can buy replacements for any parts from us.
Taps, Floats and Filtres
Terra Cotta Compartments

Simple cleaning will maintain your water purifier

* Efflorescence
* Mould odour or growth
* and other maintenance issues,
* Breakage once you have taken possession, or
* Breakage from any forceful installation
... will never be a reason for return.

MY GUARANTEE I will replace at no cost to you any part that is found to be defective after we've gone over troubleshooting by phone or email. RETURNS will only be accepted for items that are unopened, complete and saleable. You'll leave Anarres with a water purifier that we've inspected together and that you'll understand how to assemble and maintain for decades!


To reserve one, please order and prepay below. Upon pick up, you can see each size put together and change your order if you like and pay or be refunded any difference.


#1 Sarah Purcell : Water Purifier

Hi, This is relatively new and a great idea for me. We really need this for our safety. The water we used must be clean and purified to prevent us from getting sick. Everyone will surely like this water purifying crocks for not using electricity power. This is good! It does give us a lot of benefits to our health and helps us saves a lot too. Thanks for sharing this information to us.

#2 traceytf : alkalinized water

Does the Stefani water crock produce alkalinized water like the Kangen system?

No, it does not, and nor should it. Read Dr Ben Kim's explanation: http://www.drbenkim.com/ph-body-blood-foods-acid-alkaline.htm

In a nutshell, spending thousands of dollars on a
machine that changes the pH of the water that you
consume or on any number of products that are
marketed to change your blood pH won't lead to a
significant difference in the acid/base balance of your

Your body has buffering systems in place to keep your
blood pH within a tight window (about 7.35 to 7.45).
If your blood pH goes above or below this range for
more than a few minutes, you'll experience central
nervous system depression or go into a coma. This is why your
body won't allow your blood pH to deviate very much no
matter what you eat or drink.

To become "less acidic" I advise you to:
1. Eat fresh and raw unprocessed food as the mainstay of your diet.
2. Drink 2-3 litres of water per day, up to 1 litre of alkalinized water if you wish. I sell easy to use alkalinizing tubes here for $10. http://www.anarreshealth.ca/node/1574
3. See a naturopath to treat any immune depression or low level chronic infection which may be causing your body to defensively raise the acidity of your blood.

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