Wands Workshop at Camp Naivelt

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Camp Naivelt Jewish Magic and Fantasy Weekend
Wands Workshop at Camp Naivelt 2

I am delighted to be offering workshops at Camp Naivelt this summer! If you are Jewish, or Jew-ish, and especially if you have a humanist Bund orientation, check out #CampNaivelt for a close to the city affordable cottage community experience! Rent a cabin for Jewish Magic and Fantasy Week!

Jewish Magic and Fantasy (August 16-18)
Dybbuks, Golems and Liliths will be joining us at Naivelt for this weekend of Jewish magic and fantasy. Jewish-themed role-playing games, magical crafting, Jewish herbalism with #TraceyTieF, live music, film and lots of play: it’s going to be a LARPing good time!
We are encouraging Shule families to join us this weekend too! If you want to stay the weekend we will help you figure that out.
For information DM me!

Making Magic Wands

We'll learn about and smell herbs used by ancient Hebrews and Canaanites, and gather herbs respectfully from the land during our herb walk around Naivelt. Folk herbalism meets respect for our ultra-local environment!

Starring herbs that you'll gather respectfully from the land: calendula, evergreens, wild carrot, dandelion, comfrey, sages, plantain, red white and yellow yarrows, Aztec sweet herb and rue, echinaceas, geraniums, sweetgrass, valerian, and more!

This is a workshop about the plants traditionally used for burning and signing with an emphasis on Hebrew herbs and practices. Saining (Gaelic seun and sian and the Old Irish sén) is a Scots word for blessing, protecting or consecrating, and includes formal and informal rites using fire, smoke, water etc. You'll make a healing herbal wand for your mind, body and spirit.

Once I introduce you to the herbs, you'll make:
* an herb tea to share
* an herbal wand using locally gathered herns

You will take the custom magical herbal wand you made for healing body, mind and spirit!

07/12/2024 - 11:55pm